On Chinese New Year, TSAF is excited to host a Chinese Sleeve Dancing workshop.

Dance in China has a long recorded history. Some Chinese dances today, such as dancing with long sleeves, dates back to as early as the Zhou dynasty (c. 1045–256 BCE).The sleeves used are either long and narrow, long and wide, or 'water sleeves' - long flowing detachable silk sleeves extended at the wrist - as used in Chinese opera.

Here's an example, a famous and dramatic sleeve dance scene from House of Flying Daggers

In this workshop, there’ll be a general introduction to several types of Chinese traditional sleeve dances followed by a short performance. You will also have the chance to wear the long sleeves to learn a few set moves that often used in modern day performances of the dance.

This workshop is free and open to Oxford Students. Space is limited, so please sign up for your free ticket.
Wear anything comfortable and preferably a short sleeved top so you can wear the dancing sleeves.There are a limited number of sleeves and they’re first come, first served.

Any queries about the event, please contact: calvados.che@jesus.ox.ac.uk