A talk by artist Miranda Creswell about her upcoming film project regarding gender equality in science made with Professor Ashleigh Griffin of the Oxford Zoology Department.

The films are designed to empower young women scientists and encourage a more insightful exploration of why we have problems of inequality in the scientific community.

They portray prominent scientists and young women before they have had a chance to 'leak from the pipeline', giving them equal prominence alongside established scientists, and avoid assigning them the more familiar role of 'audience'.

The project will invite viewers to consider what drives someone to pursue a scientific career and provide insight into the everyday processes involved in scientific discovery – ultimately, the answers to these questions hold important truths about the gender-neutrality of science and the scientific method.

The work will take the form of short films of women at different stages of their scientific careers: from girls whose first serious ideas of possible futures may just be starting to take shape, to women who have lived a lifetime of success in research.

This event is free and open to the public.